Pregnancy Tidbits

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I bought 2 pairs of yoga pants and they have been my best friends. I don’t know WHY I forced myself into stiff, non-maternity jeans throughout my pregnancy with Tucker.

We finally decided on our little girl’s first and middle name and we love it!

Josh has only leaked it twice (the first name)

I decided (and let Josh know) that we’re going to do cloth diapers this time

I’m kind of nervous about this

But very excited that each time I change a diaper, it will not be costing .26 cents

I painted little girl’s room a light pinkish-gray and like it a lot

…And Josh actually does too

Sleep is not much fun these days. I literally feel like a whale when I have to turn over

And still, 6.5 weeks to go! Ahhh

She still loves hangin out in the rib area

They actually feel bruised and when I picture where all of my organs are right now and the condition of all my stretched and split ab muscles, I want to puke on myself

I’m scared for another 36 hour labor and delivery

I’m scared that now that I know the complete bliss of an epidural, that I’ll just go right for it and not even attempt a drug-free childbirth

Josh and I had to run about 1/16th of mile in the rain this weekend and my shins are still sore

That’s sad

I have already gained the total amount of weight I gained with Tucker…but I was 5 lbs lighter at the beginning of this pregnancy than I was with Tucker, so, I use this to comfort myself

I have gained so much weight in my legs that the other day I couldn’t even tuck my jeans into my rainboots

Some of it might be blood. I have 40-50% more blood in my body than I did pre-pregnancy

That’s amazing and pretty gross

So excited to meet this active little girl who is constantly kicking and squirming!


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