Last Thursday was Josh’s birthday AND his favorite holiday…Opening Day. He was literally giddy about it all week. So, this made his bday easy for me =). I made a big breakfast, later we got Starbucks, went up to Mary’s Peak and spent the rest of the day pretty much watching games.

Even for dinner, I asked him if he wanted to go to McMenamins and watch the game or just stay home, order a pizza and watch the game. He chose the latter.

My little Giant Fans. Not as fun as when we lived there and actually got to go watch the games live, but still fun.

American Dream Pizza. Appropriate while watching “America’s Favorite Past-time”—Josh, that line was for you

Commercial break. Sadly, the Giants lost =(

The next day, we dropped T off with my parents and headed down to Eugene for a marriage conference. The conference was really good and it was fun to get away.

This was the view from our hotel room

Looking….Pregnant. I even made the picture b&w to help myself out a little

Every Monday and Wednesday, Josh and Tuck have a swim class. It’s so much fun! Already excited for next Spring when I can get in a swimsuit again and take baby girl to her first class

Cherry Blossoms. One of the best things about spring in Corvallis

Tucker’s most recent favorite thing to do is Play-Dough. He can literally sit and play with it for hours


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