Great Day With Friends

Yesterday, the Douglas family drove down from Portland for a visit. We had such a fun day. We ate lunch together, Kristi and I went to a cloth diaper store (we were bfs in H.S. and if you would have told me when I was 16 that in our future, we would be going to cloth diaper stores for fun, I would have laughed!) But we’re both trying out cloth diapers with baby #2, so, it was fun to go to the store together and be overwhelmed by all of the options. Well, I was the only overwhelmed one. When we came back, all 4 of the boys were outside and Neal and Josh were weeding. Yep, weeding. Again, the thought that this is the kind of things we would be doing on a Saturday with friends… But it really was fun.

The boys were loving life, one moment they were hitting each other and the next moment they were laughing at each other. I also got to hold sweet baby Gretchen which made me even MORE excited about our little girl coming. So, anyway, it was a fun, packed day.

Life these days…mostly just pics of the kiddos! But didn’t get any of Gretchen =(

Tuck and Hud “wrestling”. Tucker wasn’t really sure what to think

We’ve had these raised beds sitting dormant in our backyard since we moved in. Weeds were growing out of them and the soil looked really old. Not so. There was actually beautiful soil in there. Whoever put them in really knew what they were doing. Anyway, Josh and Neal planted green peppers, zucchini, watermelon, green beans, broccoli, and carrots!!! Josh and I don’t even have thumbs…let alone green ones, so, we’ll see how this goes but we’re both really excited! Thanks, Neal for all the help

Climbin trees

Story time


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