Women Are Weird

I think once you become a mom, you see a little bit more what weirdos women are. My first experience with this was seeing some of the hyperactive working-moms of Marin county. I saw more of this when I moved to Corvallis and took a “Live and Learn with Your Baby” class. All of the moms were great and super-sweet but some of them were intense. I honestly think some of them spent their entire days cooking crazy-organic meals for their kids with 95 of the 26 nutrients you’re supposed to have in a day (to you nutritionists out there, I just made that up), making their clothes, knitting them hemp diapers, creating their own cleaning supplies, planting their own gardens, feeding their own chickens, etc. I mean, I think it’s cool but some of these women had been professionals before they had babies and then once they had babies, they took all that intensity from the corporate world and applied it to the 8 lb. bundle of joy rolling around in its crib with slobber bubbling from the corners of its mouth. Poor kids. Never even saw it coming.

None of the moms would ever say it, but you got the sense that if you bought your baby clothes that were made in China or if you used disposable diapers, you were kind of a bad mom.

Just now, haha, as I was doing some research on cloth diapers…yes, I’m becoming one of those moms! I was looking at a blog where different women/moms are contributors and they’re all talking about cloth diapers like they eat, sleep and breathe the stuff…or maybe they’re eating, sleeping and breathing the detergent they use to wash the diapers. A part of me wants to be like, “Come on, women! Get some lives!” Aren’t I so mean? Anyway, and they’re saying things like, “Sometimes, when my baby’s diaper rash is so bad…we have to….use disposable diapers. I know. I know. I can’t even believe I’m saying that.”

Or one mom was writing about what she uses to wash her cloth diapers with. She said that Tide detergent isn’t even allowed in her house b/c of all of the chemicals in it but that she broke down and finally bought some. She gave all of these disclaimers and pleaded that her readers not judge her.

What is this?
Why are we so obsessed with what others think?
Why are we so into our image?
Why are we always wanting to impress each other?

I know I’m guilty of it. I know I am. Even though I act like those women are crazy. Ok, they are a little crazy. I pray to the good Lord I’ll never be that intense. But all the same, I know I am that way to an extent. Anyway, I just think it’s dumb how us women make everything into a passive aggressive competition. I truly pray that I not be a woman who judges other women for their decisions. But even this blog post makes me guilty. I’m judging the crazies!!


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