It’s bliss to drive an hour and forty five minutes north to family….Tucker gets tons of attention, tons of play time, my mom LOVES changing his poopey diapers, feeding him, bathing him, waking up early with him. Josh and I get to go on dates. We get to spend time with the family. My mom cooks for us. My dad cleans up. Can we move in?

Haha, anyway, it’s always nice. This last Thursday, though, we went up for sad circumstances. My Grandpa passed away on April 7th and his memorial service was on the 14th. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m so thankful for the past few months that he’s lived with my parents and that I’ve gotten to see him every time we’ve gone up for a visit. I will miss him very much.

The memorial service was really good and the sanctuary was packed to the brim. I wish he could have seen all the family and friends (new and old) who came out to pay their respects to a witty, loving, hard-working man.

On Friday night, we already had plans to drive up to Portland for a show. Gregory Alan Isakov. Josh wants to marry him. The show was really good and we had fun meeting up with Kristin and Bekah for it.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Dinner at the Observatory before the show

Large and in-charge prego woman got to sit next to these two cute little numbers all night =)

Gregory Alan Isakov

The Hardin chonners playing with Auntie Beks


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