Easter and Puke

On Saturday, our church put on “Easter in the Park”. It was lots of fun and sooo many people showed up for it.

Little orange and black fans

Tucker and his buddy Aiden

Hunting for eggs

Showing off his Elmo facepaint

On Sunday, after church, we drove up to Gresham to spend Easter with my fam.

Here is the view from my sister and bro-in-law’s new house. So beautiful!

Brynn on the hunt

As you can tell, it was a warm, dry, beautiful Easter afternoon

The kiddos watching a movie while the guys watched sports and the girls did crafts (don’t know what Tucker is thinking in this picture)

Easter 2011

Easter 2010. Notice someone has lost weight and another has gained it? Hmmm. Not so fair.

And this blog is titled Easter and Puke because I didn’t feel good all day Sunday or Monday and Monday night I got really sick with some stomach bug. It was horrible to be sick this far along in the pregnancy but I feel all better now. I am 37 weeks TODAY which means Neemee is technically full-term (crazy!) But no signs of labor or anything…which is fine. Still need to complete her nursery and buy that robe =)


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