Mother/Daughter Tea

Yesterday was the big Mother/Daughter Tea that I was in charge of planning at church. Everything went great but I have to admit, I was sooooo excited when it was over! I love events/planning but this thing has been hanging over my head and preventing me from really feeling ready for baby to come. For the past few days, I’ve been in such planning mode that I’ve been praying she wouldn’t come. I didn’t want to go into labor stressed out and sleep-deprived.

But now that it’s over, she can come any day =) Actually, that’s not really true. I would like to work on her nursery more, mop all of our floors, get our own bedroom organized, pack my bag….really exciting stuff. But I did buy my robe! =)

So, all last week I was doing things every day for the tea. It’s crazy how much work you can put into something and then it’s over in 2 hours!! I was mad at myself for deciding to do those roses as the centerpieces. WAYYYY too much work for such a minor detail. I also made truffles for each guest and cutting out the 64 paper flowers they sat on top of took a really long time. Especially considering, most people probably just tossed them (I would have). But this craft I kind of enjoyed. I would sit and cut them out in the mornings or while watching the Today Show.

Anywhoo, I was up and going yesterday at 6am. The event started at 1pm. I honestly was scrambling for 7 hours straight and come 12:50, when our first guest arrived, things WERE NOT ready. The water for the tea was still heating, the scones and cookies weren’t on the tables yet. Ahhh! It was stressful and I just wanted to go and hide. But thanks to some great ladies who helped out, the stress only lasted for about 15 minutes and then everything was ready to go.

Since I was running around like a chicken with my head cut-off, I barely got any pictures. This was a bummer but oh well.

Buffet line at the end of the event, hence the “holes” where food had already been taken away

1 of the 8 tables

I love having all of our events in the church gym. There’s something about the blue carpet on the walls and overhead basketball hoop that makes you feel pretty high-class =)

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s only 8:30am and mine has already been great. I’ll blog about it tomorrow. I’m sure all of you can’t wait.


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