Last Date Before The Due Date

My sister Bekah offered to come down and watch Tuck so that we could get one last date in before little girl arrives. We gladly accepted.

Beks got here in the afternoon and our aunt and uncle happened to be coming through town, so, we all visited for a little while.

Around 5:30, Josh and I headed to a picnic dinner on the riverfront. We love our town. We really do. Such a great place. And it was somewhat nice on Friday, so, that was special.

We sat by the river, you can hardly see it =)

The riverfront

Our beloved picnic basket that was a wedding present from Brooke and Jason Miller

We had turkey sandwiches, pea salad, potato salad, cheese and crackers, apples, coke and cherry coke

After the picnic, we walked a few blocks to an independently owned theatre here in town that we’ve always wanted to go to. We saw Jane Eyre and I think it was Senior night or something because the tiny theatre room was PACKED with 65+ year-olds. It was kind of cool, though and the movie was great.

After the movie we walked a few more blocks to a restaurant called, “Big River” for dessert and coffee (decaf coffee for me, in case you were wondering because I care what people think of me!!) =)

He was being a dork in this shot in case you can’t tell

Josh got a chocolate 4-layer cake and I got a banana/strawberry thing. They were both yummy but whew pretty expensive.

We were home by 10:15pm and ready for bed. Party animals!!
4 days til my due date! We can’t wait. I feel like she might be a little late. We’ll see.


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