Birth Story

I know a lot of people don’t care about birth stories, so, you can just ignore this post. For those of you who do like them (like me) here’s Eden’s.

Saturday, May 21, 4pmish
Went and ran some errands for an hour or so and was feeling contractions pretty much the whole time but didn’t time them or anything b/c I knew I would just get my hopes up.

Told Josh during dinner that I had been having consistent contractions for the past couple hours

Finally admitted to myself that our little girl was most likely on her way =) With how long I was in labor with Tucker, I really didn’t want to get all excited right away, time contractions, stay on my feet to keep them going, etc. I knew if I did all this, I would be exhausted by the time labor started getting intense.

Decided I should try to sleep/rest through some contractions

My contractions were 10 minutes apart all night which was weird and made me think I still had a long time to go. Anyway, I didn’t sleep but was able to rest in between. Some contractions I could lay in bed through, most I had to get up though and pace the house.

Woke Josh up, asked him to call my parents to tell them to head down from Gresham and asked him to draw me a bath

As soon as my parents walked in the door, I told them we were leaving for the hospital =) I was ready to be there. I told Josh on the way that if I was 4cm or less dilated, I was getting the epidural. I did not feel like going through the trauma I did with Tucker.

Arrive at the hospital, they get me right into my room and in my gown, the midwife checks me and says I’m dilated 7-8cm. I couldn’t believe it, I almost cried. With Tucker, I labored at home for 10 hours, went to triage and I was 2.5 cm dilated. Both Josh and I were elated and because I was so dilated, I happily decided I did not want the epidural

My body relaxed and everything slowed down a little. Contractions were getting stronger but still about 10 minutes apart. I sat in the jacuzzi tub, the exercise ball and could not believe I was having such a good birth experience.

Transition period kicked in but I still wasn’t feeling much of an urge to push. I was getting really frustrated with this b/c I just wanted her to come out!

10:15am (?) Wasn’t really watching the clock =)
Started feeling a stronger urge to push (still not the animalistic urge I was expecting) and pushed. This really progressed things and I pushed her out in 3 contractions. Ahhhh, the most AMAZING relief in the world.

Not getting an epidural was so great. I’m really glad I’ve experienced both ways, though. I couldn’t believe how much quicker the healing process was having not gotten it. This and the fact that it was my second. To be honest, it didn’t really feel like I had just had a baby. HOWEVER, it did suck. That last hour or so, I felt utterly out of control. I was crying out for Jesus to help me =), screaming, “NO! NO! NO!” when I started feeling a contraction coming on, kicking my legs like crazy and in the process of Eden’s head coming out, I screamed that I wanted the epidural =)

Another difference I noticed with not having one is that I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs when I was pushing with her (just like in the movies) With the epidural, it’s this really physical push…like you’re lifting weights or something. Without the epidural, it’s like this horrible pain that you have no control over that you have to endure and that’s not going to end until that little one comes out. So, it was extremely intense. Anyway, just thought I would share for those who maybe want to try it all naturelle some day. As soon as it’s over, it’s worth it.


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