No Regrets

Josh and I have noticed a current theme in pop culture: having no regrets.

There are a few reality TV shows we like to keep up with and something we have noticed over and over again is people making mistakes, saying hurtful things to another, or making bad decisions and later, when asked if they regret it, they always reply “No” and go off on how it’s made them who they are.

This morning I had the Today Show on and one of the women who had an online relationship with Congressman Weiner was asked the same question. And she said she didn’t regret it! Having an inappropriate/online relationship with a married man and Congressman of the United States who she will probably never have contact with again. When given the opportunity, she couldn’t even offer an apology to Weiner’s pregnant wife for what she had done. I couldn’t believe it.

It’s almost as if admitting we regret something shows a weakness or shows that for one moment, we weren’t in control of our lives. Or that we’re not happy or confident people if we actually admit we messed up somewhere along the line. I can’t stand it. I’d love to see some humility and for people to actually start admitting when they did something wrong.


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