Summer So Far

Last week, Josh went deep-sea fishing in Canada with Rande and his Dad. They spent a day puking over the boat and trying to fish in between but it was on this day that Josh caught a Halibut.

Here he is fishing for it (I was surprised he didn’t take a picture of the actual halibut…I wanted to see the ugly little guy)

And here we are eating it. Josh nor I are fish/seafood fans at all but I can actually handle halibut b/c it’s not “fishy”. It was actually quite delicious, good job babe!

We bought Tucker a pool. I would have pooped my pants if I had had a pool this cool when I was little. We’re really hoping it doesn’t get a hole in it or anything. Anyway, he played in it on the one and only nice day of this week =)

Showing off his 6-pack

Last night we went to Josh’s softball game. Tucker and Zabel spent the entire time playing their own baseball game and it was really fun to watch.

How cute are they?

Daddy up to bat

Eden sleeping through it all in the Moby…her favorite place to be

Here they are this summer

Here they are last summer. Notice that Zabel is always the sweet boy giving hugs and Tucker is always serious and resistant. Ha!


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