Date Night Sabotaged

Josh and I were supposed to go see John Mark McMillan tonight. He was actually playing here in town (random) so, we thought it would be fun.

It was not fun.

We bought the tickets weeks ago and they said the show started at 8

Some of our friends were going to come with us

She called the place they were playing at and they said they wouldn’t be on til 9:30ish

Because they have a 4 week old, they vouched to stay home

I called too….because I had called earlier in the day and they said the music was on at 8…this time they said the music started at 9:45

Josh called too, ha, to tell them our situation with the tickets saying 8 and they again said that the music would start at 9:45 and that there was no opener

Our sitter was coming at 7:45 and being a family of the cloth, we didn’t want to pay her for 2 hours and go sit around somewhere waiting for the show to start

So, we called her and asked if it was at all possible for her to come at 9

She graciously agreed

When Josh called, they had told him the doors would open at 9

We got there at 9:15 and lots of people were standing outside

We were told that doors would now be opening at 9:30

We stood in line for 45 minutes and the doors finally opened at 10

In the meantime, I had received a text from our sitter saying that Eden was hungry and had drunk most of her bottle


We finally get in and there is an opening band that is starting to play

At this point, I’m really annoyed by the fact that none of the employees have any idea what they’re talking about and maybe don’t even know if they’re alive or not

So, my dilemma is sit and listen to an opening band I don’t care to hear for an hour while my newborn who I should have never even left but I’m a bad mom sits starving at home and then I have to leave to feed her before JMM even comes on…who by the way…I don’t even know his music that well but thought it would be fun to go on a date with my hubby… and if we’re lucky and he does come on by 11 and plays for an hour and a half, we won’t even get back til 1am and our baby will be emaciated and our sitter will be mad and sleep deprived (she’s actually really nice and wouldn’t get mad but I’m being mellow dramatic here) and we’ll owe her a booty-load for the 4 hours she sat in our living room

Ahhh, so, we ate the price of the ticket and I left my date

Luckily, one of our friends showed up, so, I knew that Josh would be looked after and would have a ride home

Now I am sitting at home in the dark living room with a sleeping baby girl who has a full belly

And I made the right decision

So long romance


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