Lots of Pictures

We had a fun-packed weekend. Friday started off with a play date, a visit from one of our high schoolers in the Bay Area, Cassie, and then my parents coming down for the weekend

My friend Lindsey had a baby boy 4 weeks ago. So, Eden and Silas are 2 weeks apart and…

Tucker and Keegan are 1 week apart. So fun!

My parents came down mainly for my mom to attend a church “meet the Baby” shower for Eden and another baby boy
Guest of Honor

I literally cropped my belly out of this picture. Looks like it’s time to do some crunches!! That and to stop wearing my tight-fitting pre-pregnancy clothes. This pooch is just not ready yet.

I decided to try and teach Tucker how to smile for pictures. Here is the result. Better than what he was doing before!

On Saturday night, married mother of two was actually invited to a Bachelorette party! I was so excited. I literally can’t remember the last time I went out for girl time. Here is Danae, the lovely bride-to-be. We had lots of fun and it was so wild that this is the only picture I got =)

On Sunday night we met up with friends downtown to hear the band Norman. They were pretty good and it was such a beautiful night

Tucker sat in Josh’s lap for almost an hour and a half, just rocking back and forth to the music

Lindsey and Silas, Eden and I…hopefully the loud music didn’t damage their hearing =)

Talking back to dad

After the music, we had all planned to go to a Corvallis Knights (Baseball) game. We had really been looking forward to it but the game was sold out. I was not ready to call it a night, so, I made my family walk around campus. Such a beautiful night. My soul is at its best in the summer months =)

Holding on for dear life

Pensive Men


We had 40 people over for the 4th. Yes, 40 people in our 1,035 square foot house! PTL it was such great weather. We had lots of fun though and it was totally worth some craziness
Awesome cake made by Elena and Courtney

Nothing better than a burger on the 4th

This was taken right after a HUGE grease fire that I literally thought was going to burn our house down. And I shouted “HOLY CRAP!” in front of a bunch of kids and felt like the worst pastor’s wife in the world

Pool Fun

After years of living in apartments, it is sooo beautiful to have a backyard

6 week old and 2 week old Eden and Sadie

Danae, Kayla, Liz, Lisa and Andrea

After our house, we headed down to watch the fireworks

Having too much fun for his own good

I was so proud to be an American that I was crying…that or allergies =)

Hope you all had a happy 4th!


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