Starbucks Knows All of Your Deepest Secrets

4 weeks ago I started coming to Starbucks once a week for some alone time while Josh stays home with the chonners. Oh my gosh. Such a small event but such a huge difference it makes in my life. I’ve been very mindful to not create a schedule for my time. If I feel like reading, I read. If I feel like writing, I write. If I feel like just listening to music on my headphones and nothing else, I listen (and act like I’m doing something on my computer so people don’t think I’m a weirdo, humming with my eyes closed) but really…I’m getting goosebumps from Gregory Alan Isakov’s Dandelion Wine.

I feel like a little part of me that’s been sleeping is awake again.

And when I get home, I’m so excited to see my little cherubs. So, everyone wins. I feel refreshed and the break allows me to be a better mom. For a couple hours…at least =)

But today’s visit to Starbucks made me wonder how many amazingly embarrassing conversations I have had at coffee shops that 4 strangers have overheard. Last week, it was 2 girls in their late teens who were talking about what girls in their late teens talk about. I had my headphones on but whenever I took them off or during the time of silence in between songs, I could hear every single word they were saying. Today, it’s two lean, middle-aged women talking passionately about how they can’t pass up a plate of brownies. So funny!

Some of the deepest conversations I’ve had in my life have happened in coffee shops with a warm cup of Joe in my hand. And I just wonder how many strangers were entertained by these conversations as they read their newspapers with headphone-free ears.


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