Photo Shoot

Last Wednesday we were going to get family pictures taken by a teen in our church who is trying to get into photography. Literally 5 minutes before we were going to walk out the door, we found out that she could not do it (it was a facebook miscommunication) So, Josh decided to be the photographer and did a joke photo shoot in our backyard. Haha, it was so funny. Here are some of the results:

Josh was saying cheesy things like, “Work it, work it” and before this picture, he said, “Show me what you got” and Tucker holds up his ball and says “Soccuh ball” Haha!!

There are like 6 pictures of him holding his finger up to the lens. I guess he thinks that pudgy thing is pretty cool.

He likes to ride on his tractor and purposely fall off of it

Eden was not going to wear her pajamas =) I was waiting til the last minute, knowing she would probably spit up on her outfit

haha! taking a break to spit up and snooze


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