This last weekend we went to one of my favorite places in the world…Sunriver. We had fun. It was lots of work with two little ones, most of our day centered around their schedule, and we definitely didn’t feel “rested” after it but it was still lots of fun.

We played at the park, played in the pool, went on walks, went for a drive, got icecream at Goody’s. Next summer we might go without the kids so that we can sleep in, eat out, be selfish, go canoeing….all that good stuff =)

On Sunday we drove up to Bend and visited a church called Antioch whose website I randomly fell upon 4 years ago and Josh has been following since. We really enjoyed it. And Bend is pretty much the coolest town ever.

We didn’t take many pictures but here are some of them.

Eden, the little monk

Lunch break in Sisters

This picture was taken 4 years ago when we were childless

My, how life has changed =)

Josh footloose and fancy free in 2007

Now the dad of two little chonners

At the mall

Flower Power Girls

At the park

The 3 hour drive there and back was not bad because we got to drive it in this baby:

Our new car!!! We’ve been looking to buy an SUV for months and long story short, ended up buying it from Troy and Michelle Pitney. We really love it.

The End.


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