5 Years

I remember in my youth, thinking that people who had been married for 5 years were SO old. Haha, now we are there. But Josh and I were talking about it and we’ve done A LOT in 5 years. We’ve lived in three entirely different cities, 2 different states, 5 different apartments/houses, Josh has gotten a degree, we have held 7 different jobs (and had a blast with taxes!) we have been on staff of 2 different churches, bought our first house, and most importantly: have had 2 babies. So, it’s been a busy 5 years. And a good 5 years. I’m excited to see what the next 5 hold.

As I do every year, here is a look back on the past 5:

August 12, 2006. Troutdale, Oregon

1 year anniversary, Sunriver, Oregon

2 year anniversary, San Francisco, California (bun #1 in the oven)

3 year anniversary, Sunriver, Oregon, 1 kiddo

4 year anniversary, Portland, Oregon (bun #2 not quite in the oven yet)

5 year anniversary, Lincoln City, Oregon, 2 kiddos! Bun #3 in the oven!! Haha! JUST KIDDING I couldn’t help myself.

This picture is not top quality b/c it was taken in a fluorescent-lit high-class miniature golf/batting cage heaven of a place


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