Visit from G&G

Josh’s parents are down for the holiday weekend and we have been having lots of fun. A day at the beach, farmer’s market, fountain, park, blackberry picking, cards, baseball and football watching, frozen yogurt and fun in the sun.

Lunch at the Chowder Bowl in Newport

Eden and I (Shirley in the background)

Dave and Debbie went to Newport 34 years ago (nearly to the day) for their honeymoon and haven’t been back since, so, that was fun.

Grandma and Edee Mae

Tucker touching anemones at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

We went to the Yaquina lighthouse and on our way out, saw some whales! It was the first time I had ever seen whales in the wild and it was so cool! In this picture (upper left) you can barely see one blowing water and a little bit of his body

Tucker loving shoulder time with daddy and grandpa

Playing in the fountain


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