Last Week

We went to the zoo for FOUR hours and had so much fun. All of the animals (except for the lions) were out. We couldn’t believe our luck. I hadn’t been to the zoo since 3rd grade and Josh, Tucker and Eden had never been.

Black Bear


Let’s pray we never come upon a polar bear. So scary!

The elephants


Little sea otter named Eddie who was adorable

The orangutangs and this sea lion were surprisingly my favorite animals to see. Look how huge he was!

As we saw all of the different animals, I was in awe thinking about how creative God is to make all these amazing, tiny, huge, complex, weird-looking and beautiful creatures

This last weekend I spent in Gresham because we had a number of events going on. Here is Eden, my Grandma (left) and my Great Aunt at my soon-to-be-cousin’s bridal shower. I love my Grandma and her sister. They are super close and are just always chatting and going off on their soapboxes. At one point, they were each holding a baby and just cooing and oohing and awwing over them. They are both precious, wonderful women who I love very much


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