It’s Fun to be 14, Right?

That is the age I was when I got braces…and now…almost 14 years later, I might be getting them again. That’s right. I’m gonna be a mom with braces.

Luckily, it will just be my bottom teeth. I had a consultation yesterday and the ortho was pretty confident I would only have to have them for 9 months. He wants to put them on my top and bottom teeth (for perfection) but it’s enough for my vanity to have bottom braces, let alone the full-mouth.

We have to straighten (no pun intended) some things out with finances before I can move forward with this but hopefully within the next few months, I will be getting them on.

I had braces on my upper teeth when I was in high school. I think I thought I was one of those people whose bottom teeth don’t show when they talk (I’m totally not) so, I chose to do a year with upper braces, instead of 3 years of full mouth braces. My bottom teeth have pretty much bothered me since, so, I finally decided to do something about it. Teeny Bopper here I come!


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