Cloth Diaper Update

I’ve been using cloth diapers for almost 2 months now. And here is my update:

I’m not going to pee my pants over how much I love them like some people do. My experience so far has been okay. Up until 2 weeks ago I had Tucker and Eden in them. I only have 14 diapers, so, I was washing them constantly. And anyone who cloth diapers a toddler, let alone a toddler boy, knows how much their pee smells, so, I was having a really hard time getting the ammonia smell out of them.

I bleached them, dried them in the sun, washed them three times in a row, tried every type of wash cycle recommended to me, added vinegar, tried 3 different soaps, nothing was working and it was a constant stress. It was so depressing to put a “clean” diaper on either of them and for it to already be stinky. So, 2 weeks ago I gave up and bought a box of disposables for Tucker and it has been beautiful! Plus, that kid needs to get potty trained, I just haven’t had the energy.

So, now that Tucker’s off them, things are going much better with just Eden in them. I still do a load every day or so (and surprisingly, don’t mind this at all). I have had a problem with leakage, though. It’s been with the Oh Katys. My Bum Geniuses have been great so far but I don’t recommend Oh Katy. I wish I hadn’t bought them but I’m a sucker for a deal (buy 5 get 1 free).

So, yeah, that’s my update. I’m still enjoying not having to buy disposables but cloth haven’t fulfilled all my hopes, dreams and desires. (Yet) =)


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