I’m So EXCITED!!!!

Since I was a little girl, my Grandma has always given me savings bonds for my birthday. As a little kid, a slip of paper that said “Patriot Bond” was extremely depressing compared to a Barbie or Cabbage Patch Doll or Hello Kitty Back Pack. But not this year. Happy Birthday, Lizzy! I decided to spend some of the bonds from the 80s on a new camera. I’ve been wanting a legitimate camera for like 2 years now and after a fair amount of research, found that the Canon T1i would probably be a good fit for me. On my birthday I ordered one.

When I came home from my Wednesday coffee date with myself this morning, Josh had me sit down and close my eyes, and Tucker brought it to me. I was so excited!!! It got here in 2 days. So, I have lots of reading and practicing to do to get acquainted with this camera but I already LOVE it.

I’ve been wanting to post pictures of a little “mini-makeover” we did to our living room and thought this was a good opportunity with the new snaps. That’s my new slang word for my camera. (haha. JK). Anyway, here it is, BEFORE and AFTER shots:

BEFORE (taken on old camera)

Our old setup was just too sterile for me. We switched white curtains out for the brown which lightened it up tons and I made pillow covers for some of our pillows. Still waiting to find something colorful for the mantel.


We got rid of our old TV stand and put our TV on a sofa table my Dad made for us. This also lightened the room up by taking a heavy black object out


Although we liked our Dr.’s office corner, it just needed more color. The mirror I bought at Goodwill for $13 and painted it and made a couple pillow covers.

And this is just for fun.
Look at the difference between our old camera and new camera. Our old camera has 7.2 megapixels and our new one has 15! You can also notice how much wider the lens is. Awww, I love it.

*If you click to enlarge these, you’ll really notice the difference.

OLD CAMERA (a little cherub on the couch)







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