Interview with Tucker

My sister Faith always gives her kids interviews and I think it’s a really cute idea, so, I thought I would give it a try. Here is the interview:

Tucker, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Me want…uh…I wan go help Daddy

What do you think of Obama’s health care plan?

I doe know (I don’t know)
Maybe…I doe know
Maybe she’s out the door

What is your favorite toy?

I doe know
Maybe Tucker wants to play…um…
Farmer John (A “little people” fisher price toy of his)

What is your favorite song?

Maybe…I doe know
Maybe I sing “little einsteins”
Maybe I sing…uh, let’s see here…um, Zoey

What is your favorite food?

I doe know
Maybe I eat Woody
Mommy, no, I doe eat Woody, I eat dubba-yays (his word for strawberries)

Who is your favorite parent, Mommy or Daddy?

(He answered this one a little too clearly =) no, “i doe knows” here)

What are your friend’s names?

Zabo (Zabel), Cayub (Caleb), Andy, My friends, Jayen (Jaden), Eefen (Ethan), Ian (Eden), Keean (Keegan), Emeeo (Amelia), Brynnie, Yukey (Lukey), Pay-on (Peyton). He did pretty well! Just kept listing them and listing them and I love that he threw Andy in who is one of our friends!


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