On the Monday before Thanksgiving, my sis Beks bought tickets for the 3 of us stateside sisters to see Marketa Irglova (from the movie “Once”)
She has such a beautiful voice and it was a really good show.

Swinging in the mustard Thanksgiving morning. Yes, we have a blanket in our family that is named. A friend made it for my parents’ wedding in 1975 and it is thee COOLEST/most cozy blanket EVER.

Scrumptious Thanksgiving Dinner

French Silk Pie I made

Pumpkin Pie the mother made

French Apple Crunch Somethin Somethin Pie (can’t remember the entire title) the mother made

Tucker’s “pinch face”

Look at that little face

The first picture we have of Tuck being goofy

Opening a gift from the Careys!

Thanks, Careys!! They loved it. Very sweet of you.


1 thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Wow. I have several comments to make. Is that what I'm doing in the pointing pic? I wasn't sure. I just thought I was being goofy like Tucker. And Sarah amen to you being here next year. CANNOT wait. Love Love Love the pictures. Great tree. Did you get a deal again this year?LoveMom

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