Missing a Man I Don’t Know

Josh and I watched a movie with Steve Carrel in it last night and before the movie started, we were talking about how much we missed him.

We started watching the Office right after we got married and I know it sounds dramatic but I was telling Josh that for FIVE YEARS Steve Carrel came into our living room at least once a week. Pathetic, right? A little. But true. I loved what he did with the character of Michael Scott. Hands down my favorite character of all time. So, after 5 years of watching the Office and laughing…sometimes even crying I was laughing so hard at his jokes…I miss him.

That’s all.


3 thoughts on “Missing a Man I Don’t Know

  1. love this! I was never a hard core fan of the office like you and Beks but I definitely don’t think it’s the same without him! AT ALL

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