a bunch of fountains

what are we doing?

what am i doing? what am i doing with my life?

what are we all doing with our lives?

i’ve shared this analogy that i thought up before and i guess i think it’s pretty cool, because i’m sharing it again. this time, in reference to the church.

isn’t church weird? what is church? i know some people who believe it should be a time for believers only so, non-believers aren’t really welcomed. there is nothing in the service that is “for” non-believers and although i’ve never attended a church like this, i’m assuming it would feel pretty exclusive.

some churches are all about attracting the non-believers. big lights, big speakers, big musical performances, big hair. ya, it might be a great performance but maybe it doesn’t address the real-life ache of the human soul.

and most other churches fall somewhere in the middle of the two i just listed. attendance is made up mostly of believers with the weekly hope that some non-believers will show up.

most churches look like social clubs. if you are a part of one, you can go your whole week and have great relational interaction and none of it be with a non-believer.

how so? because a lot of churches look like this during the week:
sunday morning – sunday school or bible study class
church service
sunday night – another service
monday – bible study
tuesday – small group
wednesday – christian book club
wednesday night – churchwide bible study and fellowship
thursday – mom’s group
friday – accountability group
friday night – hang out with christian friends, drinking “soda” and telling bible jokes
saturday – churchwide service project….service: cleaning out the church building’s gutters
saturday afternoon
– discipleship group
saturday night – more soda and jokes
sunday – the bliss starts over again.

i’m being sassy but i think you get what i’m trying to say.

we fill our church calendar with events and activities…and that’s not the sin. the sin is, we feel holy for attending all of them.

our neighbors are empty and hopeless and dying every day and we’re driving to someone’s house for another church potluck.

we feel that by going to 10 Bible studies a week and talking about God with a bunch of other Christians all day long is the kind of life Jesus Christ died for us to have.

and that’s why we’re a bunch of fountains.

a fountain is a mass of water that is constantly being re-used. it goes no where. it does nothing. it moves but it’s sole purpose of moving is simply to regenerate itself. it is stagnant.

i know no church would admit that this is what they look like. it’s hard to admit. it’s hard to announce we’re lazy and even harder to admit…that the root of the problem is, we really just don’t care. we’re really just not living the way Jesus lived. i’m not living the way Jesus lived.

what would we look like if we could be compared more to a river? alive. moving. bringing life. beautiful. a little dangerous, maybe. scary. constantly changing. much riskier and much more energy than the fountain. but doing something. going somewhere and making an impression.

i’m definitely a fountain. i always have been. but i PRAY to the good Lord i’ll be a river someday.


3 thoughts on “a bunch of fountains

  1. Wow. Seriously?! My little sister is an author. That was absolutely beautiful and wonderfully written. Can I share this with Kelsey? I am sure Vergil would LOVE it. Thank you for sharing this, Liz!

  2. Trying to catch up on life and just read your last 6 posts. LOVE the new look, very inspiring. And yes, this is so good. Thank you for posting this and challenging me.

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