Church and Vegetables

First of all, we have become vegetarians. Ok, not really. But last week I cooked vegetarian and it was fun! We both enjoyed it. On the menu was: Broccoli and Red Pepper pie (good and would also make a good morning quiche), Tomato Soup, Curry Noodle (expensive dish and not my favorite), Black Bean Veggie Burgers (awesome), Peanut Curry (making tonight) and this gem below that I love and could honestly have 5 servings of

So, we’re not becoming vegetarians but I am going to continue cooking with little or no meat.

A couple days ago we re-took our team picture for the Branch. One, because we added Matt and Jackie to our team (far right) and two, because the first day we took them it was like 5 degrees out and we all looked like we were dead (i.e. what Oregonians look like in the winter).

I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in b&w so, I’m posting both!

So, our leadership team has been meeting for the past few months on a consistent basis but last night was the first night we met as a core group….the small group of people that will be our first “members”. Some who came last night were probably just checking things out and may or may not become members….which is kind of the whole point. A chance for people to decide if this is something they want to be a part of before we officially launch in October.

Last night went really well and it made me all the more excited about this endeavor!


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