Tucker’s Birthday

Last year, it was very clear that Thomas was the only option for a birthday theme. This year, it was a lot harder to decide on one because Tucker is into so many things. But seeing that he is going to DISNEY WORLD next month, I thought Mickey would be appropriate.

I started planning it on Thursday (his bday party being on Saturday) and wish I would have started planning sooner so that I could have done some more fun stuff. However, birthday parties last for like 2 hours and then they’re over, so, in that sense, I guess I was glad I didn’t get carried away.

We had the party at my parent’s house, instead of making everyone drive down to us.

Adorable mason jar sippy cup idea I got online. None of the decor you see are original ideas =)

For lack of planning, this is what we ended up doing for Tucker’s cake =) I didn’t even come up with it, my sis did!

Party favors

Mickey lollipops that I have to say were SOOOO good






Pizza party!

My mom had a Minnie-inspired outfit on to match the Birthday boy =)

Josh did a really cute game/activity with the kids, inspired by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The kids seemed to love it.

Fishing for a clue

Escaping hot lava to find another clue

Approaching the sleeping giant for the final clue

It was really cute because Peyton, Luke and Brynn don’t know Dave (Josh’s dad) so, at 6’4″, I think they really did think he was a sleeping giant. Look at Luke’s face!


5 thoughts on “Tucker’s Birthday

  1. haha..Luke was keeping his eye on that giant!!! Such a great party..wish it could have lasted longer. You did an amazing job with everything and Josh, I was sooo impressed with that game!

  2. Oh, the next day for church Brynn wore a red & white polka dot dress with a white tights, a gray cardigan, gray shoes and a gray and white polka dot bow! i wish I would have known the theme and she could have worn it to Tuck’s party!!

  3. thanks, faith! and bummer about brynn’s little outfit! that would have been so cute! p.s. i LOVE the picture i took of her in the kitchen smiling. such a sweetie!

  4. Cute! What a fun party. I love Tucker chilling with no pants on while he ate pizza 🙂

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