Josh and William

Well, Josh’s last week of being the Worship Pastor at our present church is in a few weeks. And before this, our Pastor thought it would be good for Josh to be ordained. Here are a couple pictures from his ordination service.

I had no idea it would be such a special time. An extremely generous amount of people came to it (I’m not sure if I would want to go to an ordination service on a Sunday night, so, this was very humbling), Josh’s dad gave an awesome “Charge to the Pastor” (i.e. his son) and our Pastor also did a great “Charge to the Congregation”. We ended the service with a prayer by our friend and more tears and then a little reception. It was such a great evening.

Ha! It kind of looks like Josh is being reprimanded in this picture

A couple nights before Josh’s ordination, we drove up to Portland to see William Fitzsimmons. Josh has been wanting to see him for years and it finally worked out for us to go to one of his shows. I like him but he’s not my absolute favorite. Still had fun, though! He’s a funny and talented guy.


3 thoughts on “Josh and William

  1. When I first saw this it looked like William was AT the ordination! How cool would that have been???

  2. I’m catching up on blogs and this is so great! We are so excited for you guys and what God is doing in your lives! Thanks for your prayers too! We are excited and a tiny bit nervous to see where we will be in the next few months. Hopefully not homeless:)

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