Eight Birthdays with this Kid

Some day I’ll stop talking about it but lately I’m always thinking about how old I’m getting. It’s crazy! I know (Lord willing), I’m going to get a lot older than 28 (and that 28 isn’t really old) but my whole life, up until this point, I’ve been young and I’m entering that stage of “getting older” and it’s just weird!! I’m not bothered by it. We all get old. It’s just a new sensation to say, “That was 10 years ago!!!” and I have very clear memories of it. When I was younger and something had been 10 years ago, I was really young and could barely remember the event. Anyway….

Josh’s 29th birthday was on Saturday and it got me thinking that this is the EIGHTH birthday I’ve celebrated with him.

Below are 2 pictures of us on his 22nd birthday, not long after we had started dating. I surprised him with kayaking around Newport Beach/bay. Ahhh, that day was so fun. I love kayaking. Maybe it was a selfish birthday gift =)

But it’s just crazy, looking at these pictures…fast forward 8 years and we’re living in Oregon with 2 kids! So weird. Happy Birthday, my love!

What a baby!




2 thoughts on “Eight Birthdays with this Kid

  1. 8 years! Wow. This got me thinking since Bryan’s birthday is around the corner. It will be our 12th birthdays together! Think of how many mom and dad have spent together:) Love ya sis

  2. TOO many to count! I’ve been thinking a lot about age too. But I’ve got quite a few more years on you. Friends, many years ago, said something about them being the next to go. All of their parents had died. I’ve thought a lot about that statement since my dad died last April 7. Things are so temporal here on this earth. And I’m so very grateful we have a new heaven and earth to look forward to.

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