cello update

Here is a little clip of my progress on the cello. I learn more traditional pieces at my lessons but my favorite to play are hymns and bluegrassy songs. That sounds like I know like 20 songs. I don’t. I can probably play 5. But I have taught myself (“taught” meaning, humming the song and figuring it out note by note) Come Thou Fount and How Great Thou Art….so, here’s How Great Thou Art:

How Great Thou Art (Chorus)

P.S. Going by the sounds in the background…you’ll get an idea of how hard it is to practice…but it’s worth it 😉


3 thoughts on “cello update

  1. That is so fun! I have been meaning to ask you for weeks how it’s going. Good job!!! and I LOVE the squeals and laughter in the background:)

  2. Way to go. So great to see you seeking a goal and seeing it come to fruition. Good job. Love it.

  3. So beautiful! I love that old classic. And the sweet giggles in the background too!:)

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