First Preview Service

We don’t officially launch until October but some church plants do “Preview Services” as a way to get people in the doors and give them an idea of what’s to come and build momentum.

I think we, as a Core Group benefited from the Preview Service more than anyone who attended. There are so many questions that come along with church-planting. Almost everything is unknown. For us, it was great to get an idea, Ok, this is kind of what it’s going to look like. This is how long setup is going to take. This is where we need to be more organized. This is how long the worship team needs to practice, etc. etc.

On Saturday, it took us about 3 hours to set the stage up and all of the sound equipment and instruments. Now that we’ve done it once, I know it will be significantly shorter next time. And then we got there 2 hours early yesterday to set the kids rooms up and the tables/coffee in the foyer. I was done setting the coffee table up in an hour. So, this was nice. I feel like our setup is pretty simple but enough to where it shows people that we care about making things look nice (hopefully).

Anyway, enough blabber. Here are some pictures:

Coffee, hot water and compostable coffee cups that I probably spent way too much time on researching =)

Creams and Sugars

Josh, Andy and Jacob

None of these pictures turned out well because it was dark and I was at the back of the room but it will give you an idea:


Ha! I love that there was a gluten free option =)

At our church in Pacifica, our Pastor would have a member come up every Sunday and share a little about themselves and ways in which we could pray for them. We thought this was such a great way to get to know people you maybe see on a weekly basis but really know nothing about. So, we borrowed the idea.

Kelsey and Josh

It drives me crazy when churches measure their success simply by the amount of people who come to their church. I’m not into that at all. However, I think at the beginning of church planting, you are inevitably a little reliant on numbers and since I’m sure some of you are curious…we had 82 adults in the service and between adults helping with the kids and kids themselves, we had a little over 100 people. This was really exciting! The service went well and we’re already excited for our next preview service in June. Until then, we will continue to meet every other week as a Core Group.


3 thoughts on “First Preview Service

  1. This is so exciting you guys!! Wow…100 people! Awesome! I pray your official start up in October will be just as awesome. Vergil was just talking in his sermon on Sunday (you guys should listen online) about how at the beginning of GBC he was pretty much the set up crew..he hauled the trailer and set everything up each and every Sunday always with the help of a few guys but it left him no time to prepare for his sermons until they finally established a set up crew to free him up for what he needed to focus on. He said the church has completely changed since it started but that’s bound to happen with a church it grows you have to be flexible and change things to meet the church’s needs. He compared it to a sunday school teacher that has been teaching the same material since 1972 and won’t change a thing..that doesn’t work so much! You guys are going to do great and I’m excited to watch this grow. OH, and I love how all the pictures of what you guys set up have Liz written all over them..great touches and we have gluten free bread too! Kind of have to when the pastor can’t have gluten:)

    Okay, long comment! Wow!

  2. Oh thanks Liz so much for posting this and giving us a glimpse into what it was like. I LOVE how you guys pay attention to detail. i think it goes along way to say to people that you care and take notice of them. Your website is great too! It just seems like you guys are being current with the emphasis on Christ. Rather than throwing out the Gospel to be cool. if ya know what I mean.
    I sooooo wish we could be up there and a part of things. We will just be a part of it through prayer.Good job and I hope you are very encouraged!

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