Eden’s First Birthday

Exactly one year ago right now I was in labor!! Praise the Lord I am now sitting comfortably in my home, having no contractions, with a little fat girl asleep in her crib. We celebrated her birthday this last weekend. Here are a lot of pictures from the day’s activities! Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures of the actual people who came to her party!! =(

Birthday board showing Eden every month of her first year

Lovely streamer job done by Aunt Christie!

Eden’s smashcake

The cake with a surprise inside

The birthday girl ready to party

Opening presents

Ready for cake (or so she thinks)

Not sure what all the bright stuff is

She HATED it!!! Haha!! It was so funny. This is her gagging on it. Poor thing.

All done

And here is the cake that took a really long time to make but I thought it turned out so fun!

I kind of couldn’t stop taking pictures of it! If you want to make a cake like this, I got the idea from whisk kid

Our little birthday girl (and no, Josh and I did not color coordinate our outfits!)

My dad and sister Faith

Owen and Jackie

Tucker kept telling us he was done in the pool. This was the third dry outfit he jumped into the pool in.

My mom with her oldest and youngest grandchild! (but not for long!)

Eden giving her new dollies kisses

So sweet

Eden and her big cousin Brynn. They are too cute together. We tried doing a little reenactment of my sister and I when we were around their ages

Happy Birthday, Edee!!


1 thought on “Eden’s First Birthday

  1. such cuteness in this post. you threw a great party! as usual:) the cake was AH-mazing, so cool. Love that little Edee Mae so much!

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