I have been the worst blogger lately. Changing to WordPress has kind of messed me up. I no longer have my blogroll….which means I’ve barely been looking at friends’ blogs (fellow word-pressers, is there a way to do a blogroll that immediately shows you when friends have updated their blogs like I had on Blogger?) I guess I just need to study up on WordPress more.

So, I’m enjoying the look of my blog but I actually kind of miss the user-friendliness of Blogger. I feel like posting pictures on WordPress is a lot more time-consuming than it is on Blogger. Hmm. Maybe I’ll go back.

Anyway, in the meantime, we have been actually getting some sun here in the PNW. I am loving it and I am loving that it’s still light out at 9:15pm. This Thursday is the longest day of the year (and also my big sis’s 32nd bday!! whoop whoop!) and I love these long days so much I could nearly write a little diddy about it and dance a little jig over it. In other news, my missionary sister, Sarah and her adorable little fam landed on U.S. soil on Saturday night. We have not seen them in THREE AND A HALF YEARS. Which means they have never met Tucker or Eden or Brynn and we have never met their little Maya. It’s so sad but so awesome that they will be living in Oregon for a year!! Right now they are in California visiting my brother-in-law’s family and we will get to see them in a few weeks!!

Last weekend we spent in Portland so we could go to the Grand Floral Parade. Afterwards we shopped at our favorite store (H&M) and got to go see my sister’s new studio apartment in one of the most idyllic neighborhoods in Portland. We had lots of fun. Here are some pictures.

Brynn-ee-booTucker was sick all weekend (as you can see) but I think he had just had something blue to eat, making him look all the sicker =)



Little fashionista, Peyton

Tucker napping on Daddy

Bekah’s beautiful neighborhood

At the park

Cousin pic

I love how all the Hardin kids are having fun with it and my kids…aren’t 🙂



2 thoughts on “Parade

  1. GREAT pics! Love your camera. I really love the pics on the funny. Poor Tuck..not feeling good that whole time but being such a trooper and then Eden staring at Peyton. Oh, just love them all!

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