Pretty In Pink

I was looking at a random blog the other week where the author posted a picture of her little girl in a lace romper. I thought it was so amazingly cute and had never seen anything like it (since then, I’ve seen numerous pictures of little girls in them, so, maybe I’m just late to jump on the bandwagon). Anyway, she shared the link to where you could buy the lace romper, so, I went and checked it out, wondering if it was something I could just make myself. But after going to the website and seeing that I could buy one for $8.99 (!!!!) I decided it wasn’t worth my time to try and buy all the supplies and make one myself. (And probably make one poorly) So, here’s the link for you all. I loved all the color options!!

If you know me, you know I’m not super girly, so, this may be the most “girly” you’ll ever see Eden =) Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

  1. I love all of them. Two of my favorites are the side profile and her little walking booty!

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