The Past Week

I haven’t really been inspired to blog lately. I don’t know why. Maybe after blogging pretty consistently for 5 years, I just needed a little break.

Anyway, our church launches this coming Sunday, so, I thought I should give a little update.

Last week was a sad, challenging, exciting, nervous week.

It started with the horrible and startling news that one of our small group friends (35 year-old mother of 2 little boys) had drowned while she and her husband were scuba diving. The whole situation was surreal and I spent half the day wondering around my house crying and not sure what to do.

At almost the same instant, we got news that our other friends (also in the same small group) were in the hospital giving birth to twin boys! What a hard shift between the grief over the loss of life and the joy over the birth of life.

The next day, Tuesday, we found out Josh was going to be opening for Kye Kye on Saturday. The older I get, the more nervous I find myself getting. Stomach in knots, feel like I’m gonna throw up. It’s annoying. So, I’m always getting nervous for Josh. Not that I don’t think he’ll do a good job. He always does a good job. It’s just I could never do what he does, so, I internalize that and the end result is feeling like I’m gonna puke when he’s the one on the spot. Ha! So, that was one more emotion to add to the mix.

Wednesday was my 29th birthday, which started out a little rough but ended well.

On Thursday, we decided to have a BBQ at our house on Saturday for Kye Kye and 9 students who were coming down from Resonate church in Washington to help us with the concert. 

In addition to all this craziness, we have had our church’s first intern (and his 2 dogs) living with us for the past 2 weeks. It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve really enjoyed having him but we’ve never had anyone live with us, so, the normalcy of day-to-day life has been lacking.

So, on Saturday morning we had our friend’s highly-emotional memorial service, followed by prep work and cleaning for the BBQ. What a shift in emotions. A memorial service to a party. We had 21 people through our house for lunch. It was so much fun to meet Kye Kye and welcome them into our home. And then about 45 minutes after they all left, my mom and 3 sisters arrived. Which was great. Then, me and the sisters headed to the concert. When we walked in, there were people there but not tons. I thought, well, doors open at 7, I’m sure as it nears 8, a lot more people will show up.

Josh played from 7:30-8:00 and did a great job but there still weren’t too many people there and I was honestly flabbergasted by it. This was an extremely legitimate band we were bringing in for a FREE concert to CORVALLIS, OREGON where hardly any musicians ever come. I had been confident a few hundred people would show up.

Anyway, Kye Kye got up, put on an amazing show and we probably had 100/100+ people who came. I was bummed at the low number. But Josh made a good point in saying that we need to get used to the feeling of really putting a lot of work into something and it not always being as much of a hit as we had dreamed it would be. It’s so true. I think one of the main requirements for church planting is being okay with rejection.

So, when Saturday was over, I was kind of relieved. It was a lot of fun but I hadn’t realized how nervous and somewhat stressed I had been about it.

And then yesterday was good, we got to hear Ken Wytsma (pastor at Antioch church in Bend, who is amazing) speak at a church here in town and his message was just what I needed to hear. But then we got the news that our friends (and fellow team-members at the Branch) parents’ house burnt down. Ahhhh, what a week.

So, yes. Here I sit on Monday, a little overwhelmed but nevertheless so extremely excited, honored, humbled, scared, blessed and happy to be doing exactly what we’re doing and to be in a place where we get to watch God work and change people’s lives. Ours included.

Here are some pictures from the concert.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


I hope to be blogging more often, again. Thanks for reading. Peace out.



3 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. I’m assuming the world is small enough of a place that the house which burned down this weekend was the same one T-Lee used to lead Young Life at. Thanks for sharing Liz.

  2. The evil one knows you are doing amazing things for the kingdom and will attack any way he can. Vergil JUST preached about this on Sunday and said church planting requires perseverance. You have to push through all the attacks. You and josh are awesome and i admire you both! The concert and watching Josh perform was so fun, glad we got to be part of it. Love u

  3. PS. I know you know everything i wrote about perseverance… hope i didn’t come off as preachy!

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