Fall Wreath

I made one of these wreaths last Christmas in red. I really liked it, so, this fall I was thinking it would be fun to do a “fall one”. Originally, I thought it would look cool to make one out of burlap. But after cutting one circle of burlap out, it was obvious it would all just fray and end up looking really bad. So, I went back to the fabric store…and well….what do you know….I picked mustard yellow. I have nothing in that color =)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the process

I have seen different suggestions of how to quickly cut out 200+ circles. I just fold my felt in half so that I can cut them out twice as fast and trace a bunch of circles with a fabric pen


Perfect craft to do while watching a movie. Or in my case, catching up on Parenthood


Fold each circle in half twice



Put a pin through the bottom


Pin onto wreath and twist into any direction you like


And here is the end result:


Just in case that wasn’t enough angles, here’s one more: =)


I think it’s such a fun wreath! The most time-consuming part is definitely cutting out the circles.

If you would like a full tutorial, just search for “felt wreath” on Pinterest.


4 thoughts on “Fall Wreath

  1. Love, love, love this wreath! I like the mustard but I’m looking for more of a spring color. (added to my Christmas to do list as well!)

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