A Little Update on the Branch

We just had our fourth Sunday. Each Sunday has gone really well but each week has had its own little dose of drama.

Our launch week was awesome. I was really nervous but things went really smoothly and we were all very excited. It kind of felt like a celebration and it was so fun having so many people there to support us. It was a pretty packed house.

The second week was such a different feel from the first week for me. We had a little bit of drama amongst some people on our team which is never fun. Miscommunications, hurt feelings. Ya. Bummer. So, that sucked a lot of joy out of the week for me. But it still ended up being a great service.

The third Sunday, we were driving back home from Gresham and got a $260 speeding ticket on our way. Awesome! So, that Sunday turned into a time of being stressed about money and again, took away some of my joy from the service.

The fourth Sunday (2 days ago) our fridge decided to stop working! Yay!!! Josh’s parents were in town and I’m not kidding, I feel like every time they come and visit, something goes wrong with our house. Remember how I said that speeding ticket caused stress over finances, well, ya, great timing for the most expensive appliance in our house to go out! I looked on Craigslist for fridges and was amazed we would have to pay around $350 for some 10 year-old fridge that could go out at any time. Dave and Debbie so amazingly blessed us by buying us a new fridge!!! Wow. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without that gift. We are extremely thankful.

So, ya. That’s the drama. I love our church and am daily thankful that we get to be doing this. It’s just interesting how stress always arises on Sundays. I think it is a very good indicator of some of the Spiritual warfare that is going on. God is good in protecting us.

‘Tis all for now!


3 thoughts on “A Little Update on the Branch

  1. sucks about the ticket! i got a photo radar one in august and just got half of my money back… hoping yours is reduced. AWESOME about the fridge!

  2. Drama! Church planting can be such a roller coaster ride of joys and pains. At least that has been out experience.

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