First Preview Service

We don’t officially launch until October but some church plants do “Preview Services” as a way to get people in the doors and give them an idea of what’s to come and build momentum.

I think we, as a Core Group benefited from the Preview Service more than anyone who attended. There are so many questions that come along with church-planting. Almost everything is unknown. For us, it was great to get an idea, Ok, this is kind of what it’s going to look like. This is how long setup is going to take. This is where we need to be more organized. This is how long the worship team needs to practice, etc. etc.

On Saturday, it took us about 3 hours to set the stage up and all of the sound equipment and instruments. Now that we’ve done it once, I know it will be significantly shorter next time. And then we got there 2 hours early yesterday to set the kids rooms up and the tables/coffee in the foyer. I was done setting the coffee table up in an hour. So, this was nice. I feel like our setup is pretty simple but enough to where it shows people that we care about making things look nice (hopefully).

Anyway, enough blabber. Here are some pictures:

Coffee, hot water and compostable coffee cups that I probably spent way too much time on researching =)

Creams and Sugars

Josh, Andy and Jacob

None of these pictures turned out well because it was dark and I was at the back of the room but it will give you an idea:


Ha! I love that there was a gluten free option =)

At our church in Pacifica, our Pastor would have a member come up every Sunday and share a little about themselves and ways in which we could pray for them. We thought this was such a great way to get to know people you maybe see on a weekly basis but really know nothing about. So, we borrowed the idea.

Kelsey and Josh

It drives me crazy when churches measure their success simply by the amount of people who come to their church. I’m not into that at all. However, I think at the beginning of church planting, you are inevitably a little reliant on numbers and since I’m sure some of you are curious…we had 82 adults in the service and between adults helping with the kids and kids themselves, we had a little over 100 people. This was really exciting! The service went well and we’re already excited for our next preview service in June. Until then, we will continue to meet every other week as a Core Group.


cello update

Here is a little clip of my progress on the cello. I learn more traditional pieces at my lessons but my favorite to play are hymns and bluegrassy songs. That sounds like I know like 20 songs. I don’t. I can probably play 5. But I have taught myself (“taught” meaning, humming the song and figuring it out note by note) Come Thou Fount and How Great Thou Art….so, here’s How Great Thou Art:

How Great Thou Art (Chorus)

P.S. Going by the sounds in the background…you’ll get an idea of how hard it is to practice…but it’s worth it 😉

Eight Birthdays with this Kid

Some day I’ll stop talking about it but lately I’m always thinking about how old I’m getting. It’s crazy! I know (Lord willing), I’m going to get a lot older than 28 (and that 28 isn’t really old) but my whole life, up until this point, I’ve been young and I’m entering that stage of “getting older” and it’s just weird!! I’m not bothered by it. We all get old. It’s just a new sensation to say, “That was 10 years ago!!!” and I have very clear memories of it. When I was younger and something had been 10 years ago, I was really young and could barely remember the event. Anyway….

Josh’s 29th birthday was on Saturday and it got me thinking that this is the EIGHTH birthday I’ve celebrated with him.

Below are 2 pictures of us on his 22nd birthday, not long after we had started dating. I surprised him with kayaking around Newport Beach/bay. Ahhh, that day was so fun. I love kayaking. Maybe it was a selfish birthday gift =)

But it’s just crazy, looking at these pictures…fast forward 8 years and we’re living in Oregon with 2 kids! So weird. Happy Birthday, my love!

What a baby!



Josh and William

Well, Josh’s last week of being the Worship Pastor at our present church is in a few weeks. And before this, our Pastor thought it would be good for Josh to be ordained. Here are a couple pictures from his ordination service.

I had no idea it would be such a special time. An extremely generous amount of people came to it (I’m not sure if I would want to go to an ordination service on a Sunday night, so, this was very humbling), Josh’s dad gave an awesome “Charge to the Pastor” (i.e. his son) and our Pastor also did a great “Charge to the Congregation”. We ended the service with a prayer by our friend and more tears and then a little reception. It was such a great evening.

Ha! It kind of looks like Josh is being reprimanded in this picture

A couple nights before Josh’s ordination, we drove up to Portland to see William Fitzsimmons. Josh has been wanting to see him for years and it finally worked out for us to go to one of his shows. I like him but he’s not my absolute favorite. Still had fun, though! He’s a funny and talented guy.

Kitchen Makeover

We just finished painting our kitchen cabinets and oh my word did it transform our kitchen! Here are the results:

First, here is a closer look at the top-quality cupboard doors we’ve been living with the past year and a half.

The two-tone wood look….a hot mess

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we toured the home.

Days after buying it, while we were laying on the beach in Maui, we had my dad and bro-in-law, tear out the upper cabinet, closest in this picture. That opened the kitchen up tons….but still ugly.

And here it is with its new white paint:

We may get new (dark) counter tops some day. But for the time being, we’re digging the white. Our house tends to be kind of dark and having a white kitchen has REALLY helped lessen this.

*I’m noticing that kitchen rug looks out of place. It matched better with the old cupboards and it matches the large area rug and colors we have in our nook area that you can’t see in these pictures!!

Hands down, my favorite thing about this house when we bought it was the highly-saturated forest green beadboard in the kitchen nook. My favorite part about it all is that the previous owners thought it would look really cool if they “extended” the look and painted half of the flimsy 1980s plywood door the same color! Ha!!! I will always laugh about this. So, you can imagine my excitement to toss the door and paint over that horrible color with a fresh white.


Lots going on


p.s. we painted the beadboard shortly after moving in but I hadn’t posted pics yet!

Fun times! More before-and-after pictures of other projects to come.

Tucker’s Birthday

Last year, it was very clear that Thomas was the only option for a birthday theme. This year, it was a lot harder to decide on one because Tucker is into so many things. But seeing that he is going to DISNEY WORLD next month, I thought Mickey would be appropriate.

I started planning it on Thursday (his bday party being on Saturday) and wish I would have started planning sooner so that I could have done some more fun stuff. However, birthday parties last for like 2 hours and then they’re over, so, in that sense, I guess I was glad I didn’t get carried away.

We had the party at my parent’s house, instead of making everyone drive down to us.

Adorable mason jar sippy cup idea I got online. None of the decor you see are original ideas =)

For lack of planning, this is what we ended up doing for Tucker’s cake =) I didn’t even come up with it, my sis did!

Party favors

Mickey lollipops that I have to say were SOOOO good






Pizza party!

My mom had a Minnie-inspired outfit on to match the Birthday boy =)

Josh did a really cute game/activity with the kids, inspired by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The kids seemed to love it.

Fishing for a clue

Escaping hot lava to find another clue

Approaching the sleeping giant for the final clue

It was really cute because Peyton, Luke and Brynn don’t know Dave (Josh’s dad) so, at 6’4″, I think they really did think he was a sleeping giant. Look at Luke’s face!